M.V. Wootton Lass


Based at Lerwick Marina.

Sight-seeing and fishing trips year round subject to weather.

We have a boat based in the Lerwick Marina for short sight-seeing or fishing trips around the harbour which is available to organisations, families, or individuals.  The boat is available all year round subject to weather.

There is no cost to use our boat, but donations to our charity are always welcome. 

The boat can accommodate a maxium of five people.

If you would like more information about The Wootton Lass or would like to accompany passengers as a volunteer, please contact a trustee on 07895406005 or email AbilityShetland@shetland.org 

Below are directions on how to access the boat. 

1. Follow the road between the Lerwick Marina sign and DH Marine building as pictured on the left. 

2. Follow the road down and around to access the boat at the pier pictured on the right. 



3. The boat is docked at the 3rd gate. The path down to the 3rd gate is pictured on the left. 

4. The picture on the right is the view of the 3rd gate. The skipper will be there to let you in at the agreed upon time.